My name is Graham Nicholls and I live in the UK.

I travel a lot and have visited about 70% of the states in America – the USA has so much to offer the worldly traveler!

As you probably know, the UK gets kind of cold and wet in the winter – so for the past 20 years or so, I like to head off to Florida for some winter sunshine, each December.

I stayed at hotels for several of those years and then I discovered I could stay in an apartment, a vacation villa, and even a holiday resort, for cheaper than staying in a hotel room!

There are so many great offers out there, if you are willing to look.

With this in mind, I created Westgate Graham web site to bring you the best offers if you are looking to winter in Orlando Florida, or even take advantage of some of the other locations dotted all over the USA.

Browse and enjoy the web site, and don’t forget to use the special code 46693914585 to get the best vacation resort discounts around.